Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day #19 of 28: 31-Dec-2008

Gaza death count nearing 400. Let's start today with a picture of a 4-year old girl, dead. 4 years old. If she were your daughter, your little girl?

1 day later, part of "Prognostication #2" is already coming true. Not Tel-Aviv, but Beer-Sheba. Why not just everybody stop? And that's not just a rhetorical statement, or is it?

**NGO Endeavors**
My work with the local NGO -- who by the way, has staff in Gaza (as of yesterday they were all physically safe but psychologically & emotionally traumatized, living in real fear of death from hour to hour, day by day. One of the directors called a staff member in Gaza, and she just broke down and cried, not knowing what the next moment would bring to her, her daughter and husband) -- goes on, albeit massively derailed from the original plan and the progress made during my first 14-days here. Software requirements continue to be discussed. A 1hour demonstration has been outlined to take place either 5-Jan or 6-Jan 2009. Their online accounting, which I learned just yesterday is GAAP compliant, will expedite the setup and configuration of the constituent and course regisration software, if/when selected. So, all in all, this continues to move forward inspite of the very difficult tensions not only in Gaza but in general around the entire area.