Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cataract removal: right eye

Left house @ 7:15am back at 11:15am. 4 hour round trip. 2 hours at Surgery center. So far, so good.
Check back in the April'ish 2009 blog entry for the original diagnosis of a cataract developing. Now, cataract gone; IOL in place.

Day #1 vision, sucky. Clear plastic cap taped to my face. Mildly uncomfortable the plastic, but no real pain at all. None. Noticed the IOL vision even though it's sucky, it much whiter, brighter than the left eye currently. Still nearly fully dilated so that could be it. But I'll watch for changes. If the brightness stays, it's like a super clear, bright picture. (Of course, again, right now it's massively fuzzy and out of focus and also looking through the plastic protective lens bit - so hard to tell really.)