Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1970 Santana Concert (YouTube) - Hairstyles

Here's the link to the: 1970 Santana Concert (via Youtube)

1st: Note the "afro" hairstyles of the percussionists in particular. It was the 70's afterall, and big hair was in.

2nd: Note how big hair influenced me throughout the 70's (below)

1975 - Photographer with my 2 best buddies who were MCs for a Westmont College dance/event.

1978 - Madrid, Spain

1978 - Gibraltar
The Rock of Gibraltar is the only thing that hasn't changed since 1979! :)

1978 - VW "Bus" Camper (Xmas on the way to Belgium from Madrid)

1979 - Stuttgart American High School - Senior Class Advisor (yearbook photo)
Yup. I definitely just followed the trend setters all the way into the 80's. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Retirement / JubilaciĆ³n

18-August-2015, last day of official "work". Now retired. Plans in place. Leaving Colorado. Headed west. Southern Nevada is the initial target. Ultimate target is Southern California - San Diego would be ideal. Time will tell. Excited to be planning and moving. All at my own pace. Lots more time for blogging. Will I? Again, only time will tell. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

6th Anniversary: Bloodbath 2-April-2009

6th Anniversary: From Facebook's "What's on your mind?" box. Well, on this day 2-April, this is what's on my mind & perhaps on the minds of 16 others:   #2-April-2009

Tuesday, November 25, 2014



So far a very special day indeed. Got to spend time with both my boys. Heard from Annie who made it to Australia to spend the "summer" there with Clare her long-time friend from her childhood in Newcastle.

Gabe wished me a "Happy Birthday" and we hung around the kitchen counter reminiscing a bit about his paternal grandfather that he never got to know and how he had died just 1 day after his 61st birthday. So this day, and tomorrow, are kind of personal milestone days for one when one outlives one or both of one's parents. I've still got a great target in Mom - 91 years old, still on her own and going strong!

Aaron called first and then came by for a very special surprise visit. Got all caught up with him. Got to hear about Joe, Joey, and Gee - roommates. Aaron was on the computer applying for jobs and chatting about various things going on with his life. It was really great; I just got to sit there and listen and interject from time to time. Super special.

I gave Aaron an old MP3 player and a set of head phones. We laughed as he read off the songs I had on there. (I hadn't used the player in years. But I still like the songs/artists: Ohio Players; Earth Wind & Fire, that genre of 70's music from my college days.) He proceeded to erase those and replace with his own music preferences which I didn't ask as I'm sure I wouldn't know many, if any. Nonetheless, that's the way music is - personal.

Then my traditional walk to a special place -- this time it was the coal creek trail area in Lafayette still undergoing repairs from the floods of September 2013. About .75 miles away or so - a nice walk. Still the sun was shining, temperature in the mid 40's (F) and the traditional long shadow was cast. (The long shadow is a throwback to 1971 High School Year book. I'll have to drag that out sometime. Took the traditional short video. Realized I was holding the phone video wrong - so I'll have to adjust for that faux pas with software. Ah... software. I love it. Software in general. Anyway, back to the video. I'll post that here. I'm also thinking of posting the series to date (started this tradition, I think at the 55 marker - "double fives" as I said) here for easy future reference. We'll see.

Traditional Bday Video clips on Smugmug:
  • 2014 - 61
25-November-2014, Tuesday, Coal Creek (east side) - #61

Next off to the local supermarket (already starting to get busy in anticipation of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday in 2 days) for some goodies. A pair of 1 serving satin chocolate cream pies for Gabe and me -- that will be the "birthday cake" as far as I'm concerned. Hey, it's my present to me. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cataract removal: right eye

Left house @ 7:15am back at 11:15am. 4 hour round trip. 2 hours at Surgery center. So far, so good.
Check back in the April'ish 2009 blog entry for the original diagnosis of a cataract developing. Now, cataract gone; IOL in place.

Day #1 vision, sucky. Clear plastic cap taped to my face. Mildly uncomfortable the plastic, but no real pain at all. None. Noticed the IOL vision even though it's sucky, it much whiter, brighter than the left eye currently. Still nearly fully dilated so that could be it. But I'll watch for changes. If the brightness stays, it's like a super clear, bright picture. (Of course, again, right now it's massively fuzzy and out of focus and also looking through the plastic protective lens bit - so hard to tell really.)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4th Anniversary 2-April-2009

4th Anniversary: From Facebook's "What's on your mind?" box. Well, on this day 2-April, this is what's on my mind & perhaps on the minds of 16 others: and this for the calculated time analytics since that: #2-April-2009

Sunday, February 17, 2013

WWFN-ham radio