Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1970 Santana Concert (YouTube) - Hairstyles

Here's the link to the: 1970 Santana Concert (via Youtube)

1st: Note the "afro" hairstyles of the percussionists in particular. It was the 70's afterall, and big hair was in.

2nd: Note how big hair influenced me throughout the 70's (below)

1975 - Photographer with my 2 best buddies who were MCs for a Westmont College dance/event.

1978 - Madrid, Spain

1978 - Gibraltar
The Rock of Gibraltar is the only thing that hasn't changed since 1979! :)

1978 - VW "Bus" Camper (Xmas on the way to Belgium from Madrid)

1979 - Stuttgart American High School - Senior Class Advisor (yearbook photo)
Yup. I definitely just followed the trend setters all the way into the 80's.