Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beijing vs. Shanghai

*note: due to technical difficulties point updates not captured; however, it has been determined that indeed the Beijing - Shanghai - Guangzhou (#china20, #cnbloggercon ) contest was a draw!

Everybody's a winner!

A little running (friendly) contest during @china20 between @elliottng and @christinelu

@elliottng - Beijing

1) Blue skies last 2 days
2) Hosted the 2008 Olympics (@Bundini)
3) Has Tsinghua Software Park (@rfannin)
4) Beautiful Marriott Hotel (@christinelu) (?)
5) Beijingers are great hosts! (@christinelu) (?)

*comment: christine is not helping her Shanghai cause here :)

@christinelu - Shanghai

1) Shanghai has the Mori Building