Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day #27 of 28: 8-Jan-2009

**Candles for the Gaza Children**
Attended a 4pm joint advocacy event in support for the children of Gaza. It was a moving event. The pictures were brutal.
**Lebanon Border**
Rocket fire confirmed now from the *NORTHERN* border of Israel with Lebanon. Predicted. I'm 100% so far, unfortunately. :(
**Picture of the Day**

Today, I return to Ramallah.
Yesterday great meeting with Software company principal; will advise to move forward with this process. Another meeting with Management Consulting team "Idara" -- big supporters of this NGO, designers of their current strategic plan, the CEO a Fulbright scholar, lead consultant University Professor at age 22. Deep intelligence.
Rainy evening last night (light rain; greatly needed) and rain-like clouds trying to form this morning.