Monday, December 29, 2008

Day #18 of 28: 30-Dec-2008

350+ death count in Gaza. (I'm getting conflicting reports on the exact numbers -- somewhere between 320-350 -- but given that the fighting is not over, I'll leave today's number as posted.)

**Protests Spread**

  1. Tanks & ground troops will enter the strip and chew their way through the territory.
  2. Long-range (un-predicted) missiles will strike Tel-Aviv and/or heat-seeking missiles will take out F16s fighters (un-predicted).
  3. Northern Israel border area will be breached (while all public focus is on Southern Israel)
Hope I'm wrong on all accounts.

On a lighter note... While I was channel surfing in Jerusalem hotel, I came across two very intense sports commentators each defending their reasons why futbol team "such-and-such" is better than the other guys. A heavy dose of reality, that inspite of what may be going on in one place, the status quo marches along unchanged. Enjoy the picture.

Sports Commentators