Sunday, December 14, 2008

3 Simple Photos of my room:

Day#2 - Lunch: Roasted Lamb kabob, naan bread, Onion Soup, fruit dessert, Lemonade and coffee. Delicious. First full regular meal following late morning/early afternoon jet-lag induced nap. Following lunch asked hotel reception where I could get a 3-prong grounded plug. Basically went down Nablus road to the wall of the Old City, then turned left. Kept walking about 2-3 blocks with the open market place in full bloom. Vendors of everything shouting over each other to get their wares noticed -- actually at times it seemed they were shouting in unison a kind of "communal chat". I just kept on track, knew where I was going and what I needed. Nothing of the "tourist" wandering around -- especially since I was on my own. Just blended in. Quest achieved, I simply reversed the process and ended back at: Jerusalem Legacy Hotel. Working on posting 2-3 snapshots of my completely renovated accommodations. Very contemporary indeed.