Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day #8 of 28, 20-Dec-2008 (updated 6:45pm)

Just in case your Middle East history is a bit rusty (mine was/is), here's a reminder of how different things were -- completely reversed -- as little as just 64 years ago. (I say "little" as 64yrs in the history of Jerusalem is but a drop in the proverbial bucket.)

Below is a picture from 1944 of Five Palestine Pounds, the currency at the time.

Today, of course, Palestine does not have its own currency; they use the New Israel Shekel. There is also no such thing as a Palestine "passport". Lucky ones have Jordanian passports or Syrian passports that allow them passport privileged travel. The others, still lucky, have an Israeli ID, which upon special permission, can allow them to travel to specific countries for specific purposes. The unlucky ones cannot travel outside of the West Bank and/or Gaza at all.

Many people have opinions on the above; these, however, are simply the facts. True.

The rest of this post will be audio/visual w/ pictures & video. Enjoy!

Starting with a bit about The 2009 Olive Tree Campaign.

(Below: On-site Beit-Sahour video clip)

(click to enlarge)

(Below: Shepherd's Grotto plaque video clip)

(below construction details)